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Al-Ahli Refrigerators Company was established in 1973 AD in a small workshop in Jeddah to manufacture water tanks and coolers, and the real start of a large group of products specialized in the activity of restaurants and catering companies, including refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and grills.

In 1987 AD, the company moved to its current headquarters in the industrial city of Jeddah – the fourth phase with an area of ​​10,000 square meters and was equipped with the latest industrial equipment and equipment, in addition to specialized production lines for cooling and heating products and various products for restaurants and catering companies.

The company’s march began in serving a large number of customers in the field of restaurants and catering, and achieved a brand and prestigious name of quality and distinguished reputation.

Al Ahli Refrigerators Company is looking forward to be a pioneer in the manufacture of cooling and heating equipment and all specialized stainless steel works for restaurants, cafes and various catering companies, whether for commercial or service purposes, in the civilized and investment community that continuously rises and develops to be an effective part of this development by meeting the growing need, whether in the local market or external is a diversified products of high quality.

Continuous research and development of products with high specifications in terms of quality and services, and encouraging creative ideas in the field of work development, in the spirit of one team and high morale with full transparency with customers to achieve satisfactory success in light of the high challenges in the Saudi market, in addition to working with high spirits and a full principle of transparency And openness between the work team on the one hand and the customers on the other hand.

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Our products

What distinguishes Al-Ahly Refrigerators Company is the customized design of the product with sizes and additions according to the customer’s desire and in a way that achieves his goals and aspirations.

In addition to imported products that meet the demands and desires of our customers.


Stainless steel works

Of washbasins, tables, hoods, shelves and wheels.


Heating equipment

Various heating products from ovens, fryers, grills, and grills.


Refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration products of various types, from display refrigerators for sweets, chocolates, cheeses, meats, and fish, vertical and ground.


Trade Mark

Al-Ahly Refrigerators Company has achieved extensive experience in the field of work and has skilled and trained workers and gained many experiences during the long work process, and by providing high-quality products with international specifications that meet the needs and desires of its customers.

From this absolute it was necessary for the management to pay attention to development and search for everything new and developed in the product and design in a way that saves quality, time, customer satisfaction and the complete work system

We offer our customers a variety of services, and here it is



Then we turn the design into reality through professional engineers who carry out all the work.



We have a dedicated team of designers who are converting an idea into a design



The service of installation and commissioning of the products is carried out to ensure that they work to the fullest.



After completing the required implementation, the shipping department will transfer the products to all regions of the Kingdom through the car fleet available to us.